Lynn Slyveski, San Antonio, FL

Hi, my name is Lynn Slyveski; I live in San Antonio, Florida and all three of our children have had braces. The oldest one is 21, 15 and 12. The two older ones have had their braces off now; the younger one still has them. I’ve had great experiences; Dr. Williams was there for my oldest and Dr. Gutiérrez is there for the two younger ones. The people there have been very nice, very helpful and they’ve had great experiences; their teeth look great! I’ve been very happy and I also think their fees are comparable to any other orthodontist and I really like that they have been able to make appointments around MY schedule and I’ve been able to come in at a different time and change my appointment if the other one didn’t work out for me. Even though they’re 30 minutes away they were recommended by my regular dentist and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Dr. Gutiérrez and Dr. Williams.

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