15 years of service 

15 years of service 

Mar 08 2021

Insignia Custom-Designed Orthodontics:

Customized braces for high efficiency. We at Gutierrez Orthodontics consider each of our patients special. We want you to achieve your dream smile. That’s why we use cutting-edge technology to make your treatment more convenient and effective. Insignia custom-designed orthodontics is a computer-based system that combines digital design and patient-specific customization to obtain the best results. Unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, Insignia braces are specifically designed for you. 

How does it work?
  • First, your data is digitized by scanning. This 3D scan allows us to gather essential information that will be used in the next steps.
  • Then, we custom-design the braces that will work best for you, based on the data from the scans.
  • After a careful design of your braces, your specialized braces are fabricated. This computer-assisted process is precise to within a fraction of a millimeter.
  • It is a highly comfortable treatment because the appliances are made to cater to the needs of each patient.
  • It starts with the end in mind. By using the 3D software, we are able to get a visualization of how your smile will look after the treatment. 
  • It gives precise results. With 98% bracket transfer accuracy, this is a highly precise treatment. 

Invisalign teen is an aesthetic alternative to traditional braces that is designed to address the unique needs of adolescents. It provides you a teeth-straightening treatment without affecting your appearance with braces. It consists of a series of removable, customized, clear aligners that are practically invisible. 
Other than saving your looks, Invisalign teen aligners fit comfortably in your mouth. Traditional metallic braces can cause discomfort because the wire gets out of its place and pokes you. With clear aligners, you will not have to suffer this irritation. 
Another benefit of Invisalign Teen aligners is that you can eat whatever you want. Traditional braces limit your food options, restricting you from your favorite foods for multiple years. You will not have to worry about food damaging or being stuck to the braces. You can simply remove the aligners before you eat something.  After you are done eating, simply put them back in your mouth without any hassle. 
Dr. Alex Gutierrez and his team have provided their clients with the best Invisalign teen treatment by utilizing innovative and most advanced techniques.  We use iTero and ClinCheck software that provides precision and accuracy of results. 
  • With the 3D visual interface, we are able to customize your treatment completely.
  • The mapping software helps calculate the exact force required for every tooth movement.
  • With the input of your highly trained doctor, the software ensures that every tooth moves in the right order at the right time.
We utilize SmartForce Attachments, they are small tooth-colored shapes that are attracted to your teeth before or during your Invisalign treatment. These attachments act like handles; they give the aligners something to gently push on. 

Virtual Care

At Gutierrez Orthodontics, providing our patients with their dream smile has always been our top priority. That is why we moved to a completely virtual practice during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue serving you in the safest possible way. The safety of your family and friends is our top priority. This temporary arrangement allows us to take care of your teeth without putting your overall health in jeopardy.  Because of our usage of advanced technology, this transition has been seamless. Throughout the year, our team met with patients virtually and consulted them about their treatment. Our patients are now able to discuss different treatment options with our expert team members from the comfort of their homes. We strongly believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our patients. We will continue to provide a great experience, whether in person or virtually.